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Recruiter ExperiencePhenom Workshop: Discover the Speed of AI Scheduling

Free yourself and fellow recruiters from repetitive, time-consuming scheduling tasks with Phenom AI Scheduling. How?

AI Scheduling automatically checks interviewers' calendars for open slots, empowering candidates to choose the interview slot that works best for them.

Watch on demand for a customer-exclusive workshop and end-to-end AI Scheduling overview including:

  • The role chatbot and fit score play in the process

  • Designing CRM automations to facilitate the interview process

  • Insight into future product enhancements

  • Success stories from a variety of organizations

Candidate ExperienceLove At First Site: Top Ways To Convert Candidates on Your Career Site

You’ve got one shot to make an unforgettable first impression on job seekers. Is your career site delivering the kind of candidate experience today’s talent can’t resist — and recruiters and talent marketers can’t live without?

Join us for a tour of the career site features that deliver an amazing candidate experience that converts — and see how Regions Bank grew and diversified their talent community with 8X more job seekers for 20% faster hires.

Regions Bank’s Scott Ewert, SVP, Talent Acquisition Senior Manager - Innovation & Strategy and Melinda Littleton, Vice President, Talent Sourcing Lead, and Phenom’s Lindsay Mareau, VP, Strategy, will walk you through: 

  • Career site essentials candidates and TA teams love

  • Creative ways to showcase your employer brand

  • Top tips to match talent to the right role faster with AI 

  • Automating personalized recruitment marketing

Recruiter ExperienceThe Secret of Supercharged Recruiting Teams (And How to Get on Their Level)

In today’s uncertain economic climate and labor market, every organization’s ability to grow its workforce depends on improving hiring efficiencies. 

Leading companies that are filling roles quickly, delivering top-notch candidate experiences, and besting the competition are the ones leveraging intelligent automation and video technology to move best-fit candidates swiftly through the hiring proce

Join us for an on demand workshop to hear: 

  • How intelligent automation qualifies best-fit talent faster

  • AI’s role in expediting candidate screening and scheduling 

  • Essential capabilities in AI tech for Talent Acquisition

  • Business impact results from the Phenom Intelligent Talent Experience platform

Employee Experience2023 Talent Trends: What Every CHRO Should Know

Ongoing pressure to hire the right people at the right pace — and grow and retain them to meet their goals and long-term business objectives — isn’t likely to let up anytime soon.

The tectonic talent shift is challenging HR leaders to think differently — to fundamentally look at themselves as needing talent, not talent needing a job. What does this mean for the new talent economy, where values, purpose, motivations, and connec

Watch our on-demand fireside chat with TruGreen’s CHRO Rebecca Schoepfer and Phenom CHRO Jess Elmquist, as they discuss 2023’s top talent trends, including how teams can enhance overall efficiency and better:

  • Partner AI and people to drive talent success and employee development

  • Compete in a digital consumer marketplace

  • Unify work culture with employer brand

  • Leverage data to show HR’s impact on business outcomes

*This webinar is SHRM-accredited

Woman working in office setting sitting at her laptop smiling.
Employee ExperienceUpskilling, Reskilling, and Evolving Your Talent with Workforce Intelligence

AI and skills intelligence have fundamentally changed how we discover, hire, develop, and retain employees.

Enterprises that are equipped with the right intelligence can upskill and reskill employees faster — creating a more capable and resilient workforce.

Watch this on-demand session to discover a framework that leverages skills, competencies, data-driven career models, and artificial intelligence to:

  • Enable talent mobility and career development at scale

  • Enhance the employee experience for large enterprises

  • Unlock unique supply and demand insights across your business

Employee ExperienceBoosting Employee Retention and Mobility with an Internal Talent Marketplace

To streamline the way executives, HRIT teams, managers, and employees work together toward common goals, a new HR tech category has emerged: the talent marketplace.

Talent marketplaces represent the next evolution in connecting employees with opportunities, whether that’s a future role, a short-term gig or project, the perfect mentor, or a learning and development path.

Watch this on-demand session to explore how an intelligent talent marketplace powered by AI and automation can:

  • Improve employee’s visibility into new opportunities 

  • Boost employee engagement and retention 

  • Create a more capable and resilient workforce 

  • Assess skill and competency gaps across the enterprise

Recruiter ExperienceBuilding a High-Volume Hiring Strategy that Increases Recruiter Impact and Personalizes Candidate Experiences at Scale

If you’re hiring hundreds or even thousands of employees a month, you know the strain it puts on your talent teams and hiring managers. What if you could ease that strain and take talent from “hello” to “hire” in just a few minutes — all while maintaining an amazing candidate experience and enabling your recruiters to become wildly productive?
Join Jess Elmquist, CHRO at Phenom as he shares his own story of how his team won the high volume hiring game. Learn about strategies for accelerating volume hiring at scale, maintaining a personal connection with each job seeker, and conveying a strong employer brand that attracts best-fit talent fast.
During the webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Assess your talent market priorities and pinpoint hiring inefficiencies

  • Set a strategy to increase recruiter efficiency

  • Hyper-personalize the candidate journey and accelerate time to hire using AI to support accuracy and impact


Employee ExperienceCigna and Josh Bersin: Turning Skills-based Talent Mobility Into a Reality

The success of every business today relies on its ability to maximize the potential of its people through upskilling, development, and mobility from within. A big piece of the equation? Understanding and leveraging employee skills — you can’t grow what you don’t know.

Healthcare insurance leader Cigna has been prioritizing their employees’ growth by moving toward a skills-based organization that makes internal opportunities more visible, actionable, and impactful for all stakeholders.

Join us on-demand for a live fireside chat with Cigna’s Effie Gikas, Sr. Director, Enterprise Talent Enablement, industry analyst and thought leader Josh Bersin, and Phenom CHRO Jess Elmquist, as they discuss:

  • Global trends in talent mobility and employee experience
  • How Cigna uses skills intelligence and a talent marketplace to evolve their workforce
  • Why (and how) to begin adopting a skills-based approach
  • Tips to build a culture of inclusivity, development, and mobility
Recruiter ExperiencePhenom Workshop: How To Use Fit Score With Fast Results

Manual resume reviews and complex boolean searches to find the candidates you need top the list of inefficient sourcing and recruiting practices — especially for high-volume hiring. But how else can you identify best-fit workers?

Phenom Fit Score automates the process and enhances the power of your CRM by automatically reviewing each candidate and assigning a rating — or fit score — based on the skills, title, location, and experience needed for a particular position. This highly personalized AI learns how you hire, incorporates human-in-the-loop feedback, and saves recruiters hours sourcing and sorting candidates.

Join us November 8 at 2pm ET for this customer-exclusive opportunity to learn everything you need to know about Fit Score and how to get started as we:

  • Demystify the AI that’s working behind the scenes
  • Provide guidance on implementation and optimization
  • Showcase its use with screening questions
  • Highlight new releases and integrations
  • Share how organizations are using it successfully

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