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You're racing to engage, evolve, and retain your people as turnover reaches unprecedented rates.

Empower your employees to grow, fill critical skill gaps, and feel connected.

Understand the skills and interests of your employees. Get a better view into gaps that must be filled at the individual and enterprise level.
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Examples of employee profiles within Phenom's employee experience platform on a transparent background
Provide a diverse, inclusive, and supportive environment that enables your employees to bring their whole selves to work.
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Screengrab of employee resource groups within Phenom's employee experience platform on a transparent background
Provide a framework for long-term growth and internal mobility by visualizing career paths and providing opportunities to upskill.
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Screengrab of career development features available within Phenom's employee experience software
Nurture employee career development, skills, and relationships to improve employee satisfaction and success.
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Built for Talent Management

  • Phenom Talent Marketplace

    Engage and retain your best talent by promoting internal job opportunities for employees.

  • Phenom Gigs

    Match employees with short-term projects to develop their skills and get exposure to different teams and work.

  • Phenom Career Pathing

    Empower employees to identify their next internal career move and the skills required to get there.

  • Phenom Employee Resource Groups

    Connect employees with internal networks, promoting diversity and inclusion.

  • Phenom Mentoring

    Match employees with best-fit mentors to help them learn and develop new skills, while progressing in their career path.

  • Phenom Hiring Manager

    Empower managers to oversee their talent pipeline and hire best-fit candidates faster.

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