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Build, engage, and track talent pipelines. Enhance productivity with AI using dynamic lists, actionable insights, fit scoring, and more.Book a Demo

Transform the talent journey

  • Build Better Pipelines

    Create a talent pipeline with career site visitors — even those who didn’t apply for a job.

  • Engage New Candidates

    Stay connected with new and silver medal candidates via campaigns.

  • Track with Intelligent Data

    Uncover critical insights to inform your recruiting strategy and promote more meaningful conversations with candidates.

Easily identify top talent

Fit Scores

Using AI and deep learning technology, candidates are ranked based on experience, skill requirements, and location to determine if they're the right fit for a job.Screengrab of a dynamic fit score powered by Phenom AI

Rediscover Top Talent

Rediscover candidates from your database. If they weren’t perfect for a role they applied to before, reach out when a more fitting opportunity arises.Screengrab of employee resource group capabilities delivered through Phenom's Employee Experience software

Dynamic Lists

Create candidate segments that update automatically — based on filter criteria such as skills, titles, and hiring status — for campaigns.Screengrab of dynamic lists powered by Phenom artificial intelligence

Talent Pipeline

Cultivate and maintain relationships with job seekers for upcoming career opportunities.Screengrab of a talent pipeline within Phenom's Talent Experience Management platform

AI Insights

Maximize your recruiting strategy and engage in more meaningful conversations with candidates by uncovering critical talent insights, powered by AI.Screengrab of Phenom AI Insights

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